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The grief process The following is the 6 stages of grief. No one… - Stress Management [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jun. 24th, 2006|05:52 pm]
Stress Management



The grief process
The following is the 6 stages of grief. No one person has to follow this process. Some people don’t experience all of the following, some people experience it in a different order. 

You tend to be in a state of has this really happened, then move on to this hasn’t really happened. In this first step sub-consciously we know that it has happened but our present state of mind tends to deny this event. 

This step goes hand in hand with step 1. We try to bargain with the intent to change what had happened. Once again even though our sub-conscience knows that this won’t change anything we still tend to try.

After trying to bargain we tend to get angry weather it be with a certain person ie; in a death situation the person who is dead. Sometime we get angry with ourself asking why we didn’t do enough to prevent the situation from happening. During this stage we can be a danger to ourselves or others so it is rather important to seek help through a support network (friends, family, even life line or something similar).

As the full effect of the situation sets in we tend to break down and allow a deep sadness to take over. During this stage we can become very withdrawn and let ourselves go. This step will normally present its self in almost every situation. Depression does not mean you are mentally unwell, its’ place in the grieving stages simply implies symptoms similar to that of depression.

At the end of the grieving process there is only one thing left to do and that is accept the situation at hand. Regardless if we like it or not we do accept that something has taken place. Once you reach this step it doesn’t mean you won’t be angry or sadden by what has taken place but it means you have accepted that it has taken place. When one has reached this step they are ready for healing to take place.