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[Jun. 24th, 2006|05:48 pm]
Stress Management



                               Distress tolerance

Crisis survival strategy: Self soothe using your senses

With Vision:
Buy one beautiful flower, make one space in a room attractive, light a candle and watch the flame. Set an attractive place at the table, using your best things, for a meal. Go to a museum with beautiful art. Go and sit in the lobby of a beautiful old hotel. Look at nature around you. Go out in the middle of the night and watch the stars. Walk in an attractive part of town. Look at beautiful pictures in a book. Go to the ballet or other dance performance, or watch one on TV. Be mindful of each sight that passes in front of you, not lingering on any.

With Hearing:
Listen to beautiful or soothing music, or to invigorating and exciting music. Pay attention to sounds of nature (waves, birds, rainfall, leaves rustling). Sing to your favourite songs. Hum a soothing tune. Learn to play a musical instrument. Be mindful of any sounds that come your way, letting them go in one ear and out the other.

With Smell:
Use your favourite perfume or lotions, or try them on in a shop; spray fragrance in the air; light a scented candle. Put potpourri in a bowl in your room. Boil cinnamon; bake biscuits, cake or bread. Smell the roses.

With Taste:
Have a good meal; have a favourite soothing drink such as herbal tea or hot chocolate (not alcohol); treat yourself to a dessert. Put whipped cream on your coffee. Sample food in a shop. Chew your favourite chewing gum. Get a little bit of special food you don’t usually spend the money on, such as fresh-squeezed orange juice. Really taste the food you eat; eat one thing mindfully.

With Touch:
Take a bubble bath; put clean sheets on your bed. Pet your dog or cat. Have a massage; soak your feet. Put creamy lotion on your body. Put a cold compress on your forehead. Sink into a really comfortable chair. Go to a shop and try on a silky top, dress or scarf. Hug someone (if appropriate). Experience whatever you are touching; notice that touch is soothing.


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