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Stress Management

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[Jun. 24th, 2006|05:50 pm]
Stress Management




The following is a commonly used method in meditation and relaxation.

1. Place yourself in a comfortable position; be that a chair with your feet flat on the floor or laying down. Ensure that the room is quiet.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Commence slow deep breathing.

4. After 3 minutes of slow and deep breathing commence this muscle relaxation exercise: Tense each of the muscle groups for ten seconds. The relax for ten seconds, in the following order.

Hands- Clench your hands into fists
Lower arms- Bend your hands up at the wrist
Upper arms- Bend your arms at the elbow
Shoulders- Lift your shoulders up
Neck- Stretch your neck gently to the left, then forward, then to the right, then to the back in a slow rolling motion
Forehead and scalp- Raise your eyebrows
Eyes- Close your eyes tightly
Jaw- Clench your teeth
Chest- Breathe in deeply, then breath out
Stomach- Pull your tummy in
Upper back- Pull your shoulders forward
Lower back-  Roll your back into a smooth arc
Buttocks- Tighten you buttocks
Thighs- (for the sitting position) push your feet firmly into the floor (for the laying position) Tense your thigh muscle
Calves- (for sitting position) lift your toes off the ground (for the laying position) Pull your toes in toward your body
Feet-gently curl your toes down

This can be done feel to hands or hands to feet which ever way you feel most comfortable. Remember to hold for ten seconds then relax for ten seconds.

5. Continue your slow deep breathing for five more minutes enjoying the feeling of being relaxed.

6. Slowly allow yourself to become aware of the room around you stay in either your sitting or laying position whilst taking in your environment, when you feel ready rise slowly.

(A full session of relaxation takes about 15-20 minutes.)


From: shen_lung
2006-06-24 11:58 am (UTC)
that is a good method for relaxing, however it can be hard if at the time you are a little stressed out or 'buzzing (too much energy). later i may either write down or show you some of what i am learning in Dao Ying- some more active exercises that also relax the mind.... though less the body.
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